Dawson-Green Mountain Property

Zephyr holds a 100% interest in mineral claims in Colorado, USA, collectively referred to as the Dawson-Green Mountain property (the “Property”). The Dawson section (“Dawson”), located at the eastern end of the Property comprises an advanced gold project with exploration potential. The Green Mountain section (“Green Mountain”), located at the western end of the Project, is prospective for copper and gold. The El Plomo section (“El Plomo”) forms the central portion of the Property and is believed to be prospective for Broken Hill Type (“BHT”) silver-lead-zinc mineralization. The Company’s objective is to explore and evaluate these mineral claims to determine whether the properties contain economic resources warranting a development program. 

The Company recently completed an airborne geophysical program consisting of magnetic and electromagnetic surveys over the entire Property. Broken Hill-type deposits can be highly magnetic while the surrounding rocks typically have a low magnetic susceptibility, making a magnetic survey an excellent method of exploration for this deposit type. The Company intends to develop a proposed drill program targeting gold on the Dawson and Green Mountain sections of the property. The Company also intends to geologically map the Green Mountain section. This is an area where a rock grab sample with only minor sulphides was located that contained 13.6 g/t gold. This rock type is similar to the rocks that contain the Dawson Gold deposit in the Dawson Gold section on the east side of the property. The geological mapping will help define the rocks types, define any structural features in the area, as well as explore for gold showings at surface. A drill program will be designed based the results of this work.