3D Inversion Modelling of Airborne Magnetic Data

Magnetic 3D Inversion Model Fly Through

Long Section of 3D Inversion Model Looking North

Long Section of 3D Inversion Model Looking North

The El Plomo Magnetic anomaly starts at the fault on the east side (right side of image) and continues to approximately 200 metres (650 feet) west (left side of image) of historic drill holes GC-8 & 9. The entire anomaly is 2.4 kilometres long (7,800 feet). 3D Inversion Modelling suggests that the anomaly up to 500 metres (1,600 feet) deep and begins about 120 metres (400 feet) below the surface. The darkest colours are areas with the strongest magnetic anomalies and the light green are areas that are still anomalous but not as intense as the dark coloured areas.

Reduced to Pole Airborne Magnetic Map with Inversion Modelling Cross Section Locations

Line GC-8&9

Section w GC08 & GC09.png

Line Mid Anomaly

Line Mid Anomaly

Line GC-1


Line GC-2